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Facebook Photo Contest

Submit a picture capturing yourself with the CIS logo. Prize is a free iPad and free CIS membership!

This competition has closed. For the results, please see this announcement.

Time Frame

Competition closes 31 August 2012.
Winners announced 15 September 2012.


All online members of the CIS Facebook page can participate. If one is not our Facebook fan, he/she can simply visit our Facebook page ( to join. Entries will be limited to one per person. We will only consider the first submission from each participant; any subsequent submissions from the same person will not be considered. Each entry needs to include two elements:
  1. The CIS logo and
  2. The participant's face (for tagging purpose).


For judging, the participants whose photos have the top three highest numbers of "like" on Facebook are the winners. We reserve the right to remove any photos considered inappropriate for the contest e.g., abusive, illegal.


We will offer free IEEE CIS membership of 2013 for the three winners. We reserve the right to offer less than three prizes in this contest. We will also issue certificates to the winners. Note: This prize does not cover standard membership fees for IEEE, just the IEEE CIS.


  1. Each participant may submit at most one entry to the contest.
  2. Each photo must contain the face of the participant and the CIS logo.
  3. If more than one participant are in the photo, the person who does the submission is deemed the participant. In this case, the participant should resolve the ownership issue of the photo before submission and should also obtain permission from the others that are pictured to post the photo on Facebook and other media.


Copyright issues must be resolved by the participant before submitting the entry. The participant needs to declare no copyrighted materials (except the CIS logo) are incorporated into the photo. He/she is required to give the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society the free rights to use the photo at no additional cost.

Tips for a good photo

  1. Make a creative picture.
  2. You can "photoshop" your photo.
  3. More than one CIS logo are allowed.
  4. You can include an CIS logo in an innovative way, e.g., showing the logo on a iPad.
  5. Create a story in the picture.
  6. There are many alternative places you can find CIS logos, e.g., CIS-sponsored conferences, CIS publications, CIS websit, etc.
  7. Ask your friends to "like your picture.
  8. The sooner you submit an entry, the more time there is for you to accumulate "likes".

Entering the competition

This competition has closed. For the results, please see this announcement.
Download the CIS logo
All entries must be submitted through the online submission form.

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Hosted by Dr Michael J. Watts